Campus L’Infinito, the Italian language school for foreigners, is situated in the heart of Recanati, one of the most famous and fascinating towns in central Italy, that inspired famous poet Giacomo Leopardi and was the birthplace of Beniamino Gigli, one of the greatest tenors in the history of lyrical music.

Campus L’Infinito is a unique type of school in Italy, founded via the partnership with ELI Edizioni, a leading Italian publishing house specialising in language learning.
Campus L’Infinito offers an original and unique learning experience, with innovative techniques and methods.
As well as language courses, Campus L’Infinito offers students an authentic experience of Italian life and culture, thanks to a rich programme of events including trips to the most beautiful towns in the Marche region, entertaining and interactive experiences, wine and food tastings, themed workshops and cultural events.

Starting from January 2017 it will begin the collaboration between Campus L'Infinito and Scuola Dante Alighieri di Camerino. After the earthquakes that have significantly affected part of the municipalities of Macerata province, including Camerino, Campus L’Infinito has opened its doors to Dante Alighieri school of Camerino to allow their colleagues to continue their teaching activities.
Thanks to this synergy that has developed, it was decided to activate a permanent collaboration that will allow the two schools not only share spaces, but to combine their classes, so that students can enrich their experience in Italy and the Marches.
Campus L’Infinito and Scuola Dante Alighieri di Camerino together will mean more experience and more ideas to create together a new path full of unique opportunities for those students who will spend a period of study in the Marche Region.

Campus L’infinito is a professional training centre recognized by Marche Region in compliance with decree n° 416/SIM of the executive general.






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