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Didn't find the answer to your question? Have you got any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact our secretary. You can call (+39 071 75070275), skype us at campusinfinito or send an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. and we will be happy to help!


What is the weather like in Recanati?

Summer is from June to September. During these months the average daytime temperature is between 25°C and 30°C. The hottest days are in July and August when the temperature can reach the upper 30s. During the spring months of March, April and May, the climate is mild and pleasant with temperatures between 18°C and 22°C. Autumn is from the end of September to the end of November and the climate can be rather rainy and damp with temperatures between 10°C and 12°C. During the winter months of December, January and February the temperature can go below zero and it is not uncommon to have snow. So bring warm clothes!

What is the time difference in Italy?

Italy is in the Central European Time (CET) zone.
During the winter (October-March), Italy is on solar time which is one hour later than GMT (GMT+1), whilst from end-March to end-October, Daylight Savings Time is in effect, which is two hours later than GMT (GMT+2) so that evenings have more daylight and mornings less.

What are the shop opening hours?

The shops in Recanati are usually open from 09.00 to 13:00 and from 16:30 to 20.00, from Monday to Saturday.
Banks and post offices open from 08.30 and close at 13.30. In the afternoon, some banks are open for an hour from 14.30 to 15.30.
Post offices are open from 08.30 to 18.30 (they do not close for lunch), but during the months of July and August they are open from 08.30 to 13.30.
Many shops remain closed on Monday mornings.
On Sundays, many shops, banks and postal offices remain closed all day.

What do I do if I need a doctor?

The Accident and Emergency Unit at the hospital is a free service for anyone in need of medical help and it is open 24 hours a day.
At least one duty chemist remains open on Sundays and you can also contact the chemist during the night by phone.
We do however advise you to apply for health insurance policy in your country before your departure.

How can I travel in Recanati and the surrounding areas?

The school is in the historic town centre of Recanati and therefore the main museums, squares and monuments can be reached on foot. The same applies for shops and restaurants.
The bus service is the most economical and convenient means of transport for travelling between Recanati and the nearby towns of Loreto (6km), Porto Recanati (10km), Castelfidardo (8km), Macerata (20km) which is the provincial capital city, and Ancona (25km) which is the regional capital city. You can ask at the school reception for a bus timetable with information about these locations. Bus tickets cost from about €1.00 and the bus stop is located just a few steps away from the school.

What sports can I do?

Recanati and the nearby areas offer the possibility of many sports: tennis, swimming, horse riding, beach volleyball, football, volleyball, golf, sailing, cycling, skating etc. At the school reception you can find out more information and also about the cost of local gyms and health centres.

How does the accommodation work in apartments?

The apartments are located in the beautiful historic complex of St. Agostino, right beside the school.
All of the accommodation is new, modern and fully furnished. You share the apartment and/or room with students from other countries.
The kitchen, bathroom and living room are communal areas, and therefore we recommend that these areas are kept tidy as a sign of respect for the other students.

The electricity, gas, water and taxes are included in the price.
Heating is not included and during winter months (from October/November through to February/March) we will charge €15,00 per student per week towards your accommodation’ heating bill.

We ask that all students behave as they would in their own houses, turning off lights and household electrical devices when not in use and maintaining maximum respect for the spaces they use during their stay in Recanati.

Will I need to come to an agreement with my flatmates about shopping and cooking meals?

The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to cook (plates, saucepans, cutlery, glasses etc). You are free to choose whether to prepare meals together or by yourself. Some students prefer to divide the shopping and decide together what to cook, thereby making the experience a cultural exchange. Others who prefer to be independent can choose to cook when and whatever they like. The choice is up to you!

Where can I do the shopping?

There is a small grocer's shop about 300m from the school.
There are also other larger supermarkets in Recanati, which are about a 10-15 minutes’ walk from the school.

Why do I need to pay a €100 deposit for the apartment?

All of the apartments are brand new, fitted with every modern convenience and are fully furnished.
You will find the apartments clean and tidy on your arrival and during your stay: you and your flatmates will be responsible for the cleaning of your accommodation.

Before your departure, a member of staff will check the apartment to ensure that everything is in order. Following this, your deposit will be refunded. However, if there is any damage/breakage/theft, which cannot be attributed to one single individual, the cost of the damages will be divided amongst the flatmates present during that period.

Do I have to do the cleaning?

If you do not want to do the weekly cleaning of your apartment, you can ask at the reception and organise for a cleaner to come during your stay. There is a small extra charge for this service, but if you share the apartment with other students, everyone needs to agree and the cost will be divided.

Do I need to bring bed linen and towels?

Bed linen is provided by the school, but you will need to bring your own towels. Washing and changing of bed linen is not included and therefore if you wish to change the bed linen, laundry facilities are available at a small extra cost.

If I don't want to stay in an apartment, what other accommodation options are there?

Accommodation in an apartment is definitely the most economical solution but upon request, we can provide price lists for B&Bs, farm or country houses and hotels in the area. The costs vary according to the month of the course (e.g. June to August is the high season and therefore prices will be higher than during other months) and the period of stay.

What’s the electrical system in Italy?

The voltage in Italy is 220 volts, AC. The electrical sockets of household appliances and devices may be different from those used in your country, so we therefore advise you to bring an adaptor. Otherwise, you can purchase an adaptor for about €10 here in Recanati.

Is it possible to hire a car?

Certainly! Just ask at the reception and we will be happy to provide you with a quote based on the duration of the car hire and type of car requested.
Bear in mind that the school is located in the historical town centre and therefore you will need to park the vehicle just outside the medieval walls and walk for several minutes to the school premises.

How much is the cost of living in Recanati?

The cost of living in Recanati is definitely lower compared to the large Italian cities such as Rome/Venice/Naples/Milan or other European capitals. Monthly supermarket shopping costs are approximately €200-€250 maximum.

Here is an idea of the price of the most popular food and beverages:

1kg of bread: about €3.20, whilst a small loaf costs about €0,80
a 250g packet of butter: €1.30
1 litre of fresh milk: €1.00
1-litre bottle of mineral water: €0.30
a packet of pasta: €0.80
a can of Coca Cola: €0.60, whilst in a bar it costs at least €1.50
an espresso coffee at a bar costs €0.90 and a cappuccino €1.20, whilst a typical Italian breakfast consisting of a cappuccino and a croissant costs about €2.00
a draft beer: €3.50
a slice of pizza: €1.20, whilst a sandwich costs up to €2.00
a small home-made ice cream costs about €1.50
a pizza and a drink in a restaurant costs about €12, whilst a complete meal is about €20-€22
a cinema ticket costs about €7.50, but there are special midweek discounts available (e.g. €5)
a daily newspaper costs €1
a complete washing cycle including drying, costs about €6.00 at a launderette

How can I get to Recanati from Ancona airport?

We offer a transfer service (for costs and timetables, please contact the reception).

What do I do if my flight arrives in a different Italian airport?

We will be happy to organise your transfer from other airports! Contact the school's secretary for further information and costs.

On the other hand, if you wish to organise your own transport, you can check train times on the Trenitalia website (www.trenitalia.com). Remember to let us know your arrival time at the Campus so that we can be ready to welcome you!

What do I need to remember to do before leaving?

Check the validity of your passport or identity card.
Check that you have a visa (if necessary). This is not required for EU citizens.
If you are a European citizen, remember to bring an E111 form which provides free medical assistance in Europe.
Check your flight times and make sure you have organised your transfer from the airport to Recanati.
We advise you to apply for a personal insurance policy which protects you against any eventual loss of baggage by the airline.
Check that your credit card is valid for use in Italy and bring some cash, to cover at least the first few days of your stay. If you do not wish to bring too much cash, bring Traveller's Cheques or currency from your own country which you can then change into Euro.
Remember to bring any medication, if necessary, and we also suggest an electrical adaptor (Italy has a system which uses 220 volts, AC).

How much Italian can I expect to learn during the course?

Obviously, this depends on your level of Italian, the duration of your chosen course and your own personal commitment during lessons and regarding homework. All of the lessons are in Italian and the classes consist of a maximum of 12 students which allows both teacher and learner to make the most of lesson time.

How can you assess my language level before meeting me?

Upon payment of the deposit for the course and accommodation, about one month before the start of the course, we will send you an evaluation test via email which you need to complete. This will be corrected by our Director of Studies and, based on the result, we can decide on the appropriate level and classes. Our courses start every Monday and absolute beginners are placed in courses which start on the first Monday of the month.

What happens if I wish to change the level of my class?

During the first few days of lessons, both you and your teacher can evaluate together whether the level is right for you. If the level is not appropriate, you can change to a more suitable one. Our main priority is that the student is satisfied with the level of his course and the progress made. The teachers and Director of Studies are at your complete disposal for whatever reason.

What teaching methods are used?

All of the lessons are held in Italian and students are discouraged from speaking in their own language in class. All four language skills are covered in class: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In the majority of lessons, priority is given to conversation and listening, whilst writing tasks are given as homework and then corrected by the teacher in class.

Will I receive an official certificate of Italian language?

Yes, at the end of the course there will be an exam and you will receive a certificate.
To obtain the certificate you will need to have attended at least 80% of the lessons.

Visa and permit of stay – 'Permesso di Soggiorno'

European citizens do not require a permit of stay in Italy.
If you come to Italy to study for a period less than 90 days, it is not necessary for citizens of the following countries to obtain an Italian visa: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Japan, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Singapore, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela.

If you come from a country which is not on the above list or you intend to remain in Italy for more than 90 days, it will be necessary to obtain a visa.

How can I obtain a study visa for Italy?

What to do:

1. Enrol on a course, pay the total course costs, enrolment fee and accommodation charges, plus €30 for the postal cost of sending you Campus L’Infinito Enrolment Certificate.

2. This certificate will be sent to you once we have received the bank transfer for the total amount requested, and together with the certificate, we will send you the necessary details requested by the Italian Consulate.

3. Upon receipt of our documentation, you will need to go to the Italian Consulate in your country and show them our Enrolment Certificate.

4. Once you have obtained your visa, you can come to Recanati and attend the course. If a student does not attend a course without providing a specific reason (e.g. health problems), the school is obliged to inform the Immigration Service in Macerata.

5. If the Italian Consulate refuses to issue a study visa, you will need to send back all of the original documentation (enrolment certificate and declaration of accommodation). Once we receive these documents we will reimburse you the full amount of your payment (minus any banking fees incurred).

We suggest you start the application procedure for a visa as soon as possible, particularly as in some countries it can take up to 60 days to process requests. It is advisable to contact your nearest Italian consulate to find out exactly how long the process takes.

The visa will be issued only for the duration of the chosen course.

The study visa will only be issued if you have:
1. appropriate accommodation in Italy;
2. sufficient financial means for your stay in Italy;
3. the right to medical care in Italy;
4. the amount of money necessary to return to your country or a valid return ticket.


Didn't find the answer to your question? Have you got any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact our secretary. You can call (+39 071 75070275), skype us at campusinfinito or send an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. and we will be happy to help!

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